bespoke body massage

This unique therapeutic treatment utilises advanced Swedish and Remedial massage techniques but also incorporates other appropriate healing modalities, such as Reflexology, to effectively ease tension and relax the mind.

Using 100% pure essential oils our therapist, Suki, can create a bespoke massage blend for you, which can help enhance your experience and prolong the treatment’s therapeutic effects, even hours after you’ve left the room.  Whether you prefer a gentler relaxing treatment or a deeper, tension-reducing massage, Suki listens and adjusts each treatment to suit your individual needs.

30 minutes           £40

45 minutes           £55

60 minutes           £70

90 minutes           £95

indian head massage

Based on traditional practices and techniques from ancient Indian head massages, this wonderfully relaxing therapy has been re-invented to suit our modern-day lifestyles.

Sat in a comfortable position, leaning over the treatment table, your upper back, neck, shoulders, upper arms, and scalp are deeply massaged. With the aid of a stimulating essential oil blend, your tensions can feel looser and blood and lymphatic circulation can be improved. To complete the treatment, you lay on our gently warming massage table to receive a rejuvenating facial and scalp massage, letting you feel restored.

It is a perfect remedy to help ease headaches, migraines, sinus discomfort and any achy muscles.

45 minutes            £55

60 minutes            £70

90 minutes            £95

bellabaci cupping massage

This specialized massage therapy is based on the ancient cupping therapies but with a new twist. Soft silicon cups are squeezed to create a gentle suction.  Applied to the body in gliding, circular motions, they benefit the body’s lymphatic system and soften muscular and fascia adhesions while increasing oil penetration into the skin.

This unique therapy has many health benefits and is particularly good for water retention and lymphatic drainage, and can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

It’s anti-ageing from the inside out! Negative pressure created by the cups naturally stimulates fibroblast cells to help with the production of collagen and elastin, thereby firming the skin, and may help reduce scarring.

It is also an effective treatment to help ease muscular stiffness, tissue inflammation and arthritis. Blood microcirculation is increased to the affected tissues, aiding the removal of lactic acid and stagnated blood. Fresh circulation of nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood helps nourish and heal the tissues.

Many celebrities and Olympians (including Gwyneth Paltrow and Michel Phelps) have tried cupping for their muscular tensions. If you’d like to have a deep-tissue cupping treatment and are happy to receive a ‘cup parking’, you may receive a ‘cup kiss’!

A cup is placed onto a tight tissue area and left for a minute. If you have an old injury or aches and pains, there may be ‘stagnation’ of old blood and lactic acid there. An area of pain and stagnation can act like a magnet for acids, toxins and pathogens and the body requires these stagnated tissues to be drawn up to the surface to detoxify. This may leave a painless temporary ‘cup kiss’ as a dark mark on the skin.

A cup kiss, the only known side effect of localized cupping sessions, which can help remove stagnation, aid toxin elimination and help with pain relief.

75 minutes            £85

90 minutes            £95


Facial cupping

With all the anti-ageing benefits of lifting, firming, improving microcirculation, decongesting and improving scarring, cupping can deeply cleanse the skin and pores and increase product penetration as well.

Add this onto your full body cupping experience for extra radiance and lift.

10 minutes            £10

*No cup kisses are ever created on the face.

aromatic hot stone massage

This warming and blissful treat helps to melt away muscular tension using volcanic basalt stones and essential oil blends to leave you feeling totally relaxed and recharged.

45 minutes         £65

90 minutes         £100