Holistic Therapies


This ancient Egyptian and Chinese foot massage helps to regain harmony and balance in your body and mind. Using her thumbs and fingers to massage reflex areas in your feet, your therapist can help to treat your whole body. This powerful and soothing treatment promotes a sense of wellbeing and an increase in restorative energy.

Reflexology can help balancing the following:

Hormonal imbalances and menopause, muscular pain, headaches and migraines, stress, depression and anxiety, digestive disorders, respiratory problems, fatigue, urinary ailments, nervous disorders.

30 minutes                     £40

60 minutes                     £70

90 minutes                     £95


This healing treatment is non-invasive and takes place whilst you are fully clothed. Using light handholds on and around your body, Reiki helps to promote deep relaxation, calm and a sense of wellbeing on all levels.  Some people experience sensations of heat or tingling and can report seeing colours.  Reiki can help with most physical ailments and aid in the balancing of emotions.

30 minutes                 £45

60 minutes                 £70

Bespoke Blend Ritual

Pick your ideal treatment time and relax. Let our therapist create the perfect holistic journey by combining treatments and techniques to suit your individual needs.


 Massage  |  Reflexology  |  Reiki  Natural Rejuvenating Facial Massage

 Indian Head Massage  |  Advanced Nutritional Program Supplement Consultation


60 minutes                     £80

90 minutes                     £105

120 minutes                  £130

*To prepare for this treatment we would need to be informed of what treatments you would like at the time of booking.